Ancillary Benefits in Katy, TX

Ancillary Benefits in Katy, TX

What Are Ancillary Benefits?

“Ancillary Benefits” refer to benefits that are used to supplement group health insurance. Purchasing these benefits at a group level is more affordable than if purchased on an individual basis.  They can be more affordable for three reasons:

1.  As group insurance products, the risk is spread through a large population, which keeps premiums reasonably priced.

2.  If your business takes advantage of Section 125 of the IRS code, premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars.

3.  The cost can either be completely covered by the employer or shared with the employees by arranging an employer-employee split.

Types of ancillary benefits include:

·   Dental

·   Vision

·   Life/AD&D

·   Short Term Disability

·   Long Term Disability

·   Accident

·   Cancer

·   Critical Illness

·   Hospital Indemnity



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